Skin Care

A great facial is about so much more than a clean face. It’s a chance to renew not only skin, but body and mind as well. Let the healing properties of aroma, touch and breath restore your spirit and grant you peace in our warm, welcoming environment.

To keep things simple, we charge a flat rate based on the length of time you request and ask that you allow our skin care specialists to customize a specific treatment designed to suit your needs and desires on the day you arrive.

Your esthetician will also recommend products beneficial for you to take home, so you can maintain the glowing results achieved while in their care.

pure focus facial (30 minutes) 60
includes gentle facial cleansing, one masque, scalp massage and choice of hand or foot massage
essential facial (60 minutes) 90
includes a warm foot soak, gentle facial cleansing, two masques, and choice of hand or foot massage. also includes massaging of the neck, shoulders, face and scalp
ultimate facial (90 minutes) 125
includes a warm foot soak with scrub, gentle facial cleansing, three masques, hand and foot massage as well as massaging of the neck, shoulders, face and scalp
back treatment (60 minutes) 90
includes a warm foot soak, gentle back cleansing, two masques, choice of hand or foot massage, and an upper back and scalp massage
Mind Retreat 20
Allow one of our therapists to help you select a guided meditation curated specifically to what may be causing you stress. This service is designed to aid you in allowing yourself to relax completely. It is an excellent precursor to any of our spa services, and is also wonderful on its own.
upgrade to plant peel +20
The instant results of a 30% glycolic peel– naturally. Our 2-step Perfecting Plant Peel delivers the same instant exfoliation and radiance without the redness and irritation of a chemical peel. It is a wonderful upgrade for any facial, providing excellent results for anyone from the acne-prone to those concerned about wrinkles. Ask your esthetician if it’s right for you.