Let Lucette’s experienced estheticians make your next hair removal appointment a more comfortable one.  With years of knowledge and a mastery at negotiating different types of skin and hair with a variety of premium wax products, our professionals will have you swimsuit- ready in no time with minimal pain or irritation.

For best results, hair should be no shorter than 1/4 of an inch.  If hair is too long, particularly when working with the bikini area, it may cause more discomfort.  Pain may also be heightened prior to menstruation and throughout most pregnancies. Ibuprofen can be taken ahead of time to help reduce inflammation, and some people feel that taking antacids eases redness.  Please be sure to notify us of any medications you may be taking and avoid sun exposure for at least 24 hours before and after a wax.

While we use the term “bathing suit” to give you a more accurate mental image of the bikini services, it is not recommended that you wear your expensive swimsuit to your appointment. We suggest wearing a pair of underwear that has fallen out of your favor or nothing at all.  We will always provide you a clean towel to cover up with, and disposable underwear is also available for those who would like it.

After receiving a hair removal service, it is normal for the skin to be a little sensitive, red, itchy or irritated.  Everyone is different, and it should return to normal anywhere between 2-24 hours afterward.  If you are still experiencing discomfort more than 24 hours after your service, please call us so that we may assess your situation and offer advice. Small bumps may appear a few days afterward on some people with sensitive skin.  This is most often simple folliculitis — the hair follicles get a little stressed out– and will go away within a few days.

Post-waxing, it is extremely helpful and important to keep the area exfoliated and hydrated in order to prevent ingrown hairs.  We recommend exfoliating at least three times per week and moisturizing as soon as your skin shows any signs of dryness.  Generally, chemical exfoliants (such as products containing alpha-hydroxy or salicylic acid) are more gentle to the skin and provide more effective and even exfoliation than their physical counterparts (loofahs and rough scrubs). Your esthetician can recommend specific products based on your particular skin type and situation to help you maintain smooth, unblemished skin.

Treatments have a price range rather than a fixed cost in order to provide you the best value possible.  If you wish to see long term results, and return every 4 weeks, the price may go down from the cost of your initial appointment.  The amount you pay will never exceed the highest listed price.

Additional waxing services may be available upon request.

Facial Waxing

defined brow shaping or maintenance 20 – 25
undefined brow cleanup 15 – 20
lip or chin 10 – 15
lip and chin 15 – 25
eyebrow and lip 20 – 30
brow, lip & chin 25 – 35
sides of face 10 – 15
full face 35 – 45
ears or nose 10 – 20

Body Waxing

underarms 20 – 25
abdomen 20 – 35
lower abdomen (below the navel) is included with any bikini wax
back or chest 40 – 45
arms 40 – 55
fingers or toes 10 – 15
included with any arm or leg wax
half legs 50 – 55
choice of: toes to just above the knee OR just below the knee to top of the thighs, stopping approximately two inches from the bikini line, plus toes
full legs 70 – 80
toes to top of the thighs, stopping approximately two inches from the bikini line
full legs with bikini or Brazilian 95 – 140
toes to the top of the thighs, plus your choice of bikini wax listed below
bikini 32 – 40
this traditional choice follows the front perimeter of the bathing suit
french bikini 40 – 55
this option removes hair one-two inches in from the perimeter of the bathing suit. backside optional
brazilian bikini 65 – 75
everything is removed; front to back. a small strip of hair may be left in the front, if desired
maintenance brazilian 50 – 60
when rescheduled within four weeks
custom shaping or swarovski crystals 20
enhance your new-found skin with a special design. crystals adhere with the warmth of your skin and generally last four to seven days