Hair Design

Hey – we know what follows is a lot of words. This is our main jam, though – hair. We love what we do, and we have a lot to say about it!

First, know that at Lucette, you have the luxury of utilizing our full staff to suit your needs.

We work as a team, never locking you in to one stylist. That would limit your options, and we are here for you, after all! Rest assured knowing that each of our stylists is expertly trained in the sophisticated art of hair design, working far beyond the level of training expected at most salons.

After completing state-required education at a cosmetology school, our stylists spend an additional 12-18 months growing and practicing under our most advanced team members. They must test out of each skill before performing it on the floor full-time. Once they have been skill-certified in every technique, we hold a commencement celebration showcasing their talent. Yay!

We don’t stop training there, either:

Commitment to our work compels us to stay current in the newest trends and techniques, while maintaining a strong appreciation for classic training. As Aveda-trained stylists, we understand the importance of continuing education, and regularly attend advanced training through prestigious companies such as Sassoon and Arrojo, as well as Aveda’s Advanced Academies in Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, and Milwaukee. You benefit with a haircut that styles with ease and maintains its shape longer, as well as expertly formulated color — customized and placed to suit you perfectly.


You wear your hair every day! Shouldn’t it complement you better even than your favorite shirt?

We are not a one-size-fits-all salon. We understand the vast range of choices available to our guests in all areas of life, and know the decisions we make about hair tell a story about who a person is. We want to understand you and your hair goals as best we can, so we can help you reflect your best self — help you find your light.

For this reason, we offer gender-neutral pricing, based on your hair and desired look, rather than your anatomy. We also don’t want to restrict your hair color choices, which is why we ask you to have a color consultation if you are considering changing your color in any way.

We want you to have peace of mind and clear expectations about what the precise cost and timing of your services will be before you make the commitment to sit in a chair for potentially half the day. A professional color service is a many-faceted experience, offering so many avenues of possibility. We can’t stress enough how helpful a friendly chat can be to help you weigh your options. Because of the complexity involved with the near-limitless choices available, color services cannot be booked online. Please schedule a consultation so that your service can have the perfect time allotment.

Consultations are $30 which will then be applied toward the price of your service, should you decide to make the appointment. This allows the stylist to view and assess your hair so that together you can make an informed decision. Your stylist will then provide you with a few options and price-points to choose from prior to your service. Color services slated to take two hours or more require a deposit to be scheduled.


Service prices and descriptions are listed below.

All staff have completed technical skill qualifications. It does take time to master the art of the consultation (aka mind-reading). Because of this, there may be times where more than one stylist will weigh in to help decide what’s best for you.

All services are booked for a set amount of time in order to keep prices as low as possible. In the event that your desired look requires extra time, a service charge will apply.

Hair services always come complete with your choice of complimentary rituals, such as scalp or hand massage, aroma journey, and more. You may also choose to enhance your service with paid upgrades as well. Please ask for details.

classic short length cut 55
efficient clipper or scissor cut on sides and top with relaxing shampoo post-haircut, warmed towel service and quick, professional blow dry
creative precision cut 85
most styles will fall into this category, including medium and long lengths, as well as short creative looks. enjoy a relaxing shampoo, warmed towel service and professional blow dry. *please be advised that guests looking for a big change, or those who have very dense or long hair should expect to require extra time, and therefore a higher price will be charged. please ask for clarification – options may be possible to meet budget
child’s cut 45
ages 10 and under
may include brief shampoo –time permitting, and rough blow dry
arrojo american wave
experience natural looking waves and curls for up to a year with this new service boasting only a quarter of the damage generally attributed to traditional perms. includes $100 in home-care products as well as a complete haircut and blowdry to ensure your waves look their best 400
single process color retouch 110
maintenance color applied to new growth within 2-6 weeks from previous color service. includes relaxing shampoo with warmed towel service and professional blow dry
custom full or partial highlights, color change or correction 120 per hour
includes any necessary glosses or treatments, relaxing shampoo, warmed towel service and professional blow dry. consultation prior to service is required to ensure adequate time and provide options for your budget. call for details please
accent foils 60 – 120
specific color placement using fewer than 10 foils. may be easily added to any single process color. as a stand-alone service, it includes a relaxing shampoo with warmed towel service and a rough blow dry to ensure satisfaction with the color
color glossing 40 – 90+
almost always necessary to complete a highlight service. adds lustrous shine and/or tone to hair without the use of ammonia. may be added to any cut, color or blow dry service. as a stand-alone service, it includes a relaxing shampoo with warmed towel service and a rough blow dry
deep condition 30
this revolutionary new treatment instantly penetrates hair on a molecular level without heat to deliver amazing strength, moisture and manageability. may be added to any cut, color or blow dry service. as a stand-alone service, it includes a relaxing scalp massage with warmed towel service. does not include blow dry on its own
blow dry / style 70
includes relaxing scalp massage with shampoo and warmed towel service. *please be advised that guests wanting a hot tool finish, or those who have very dense or long hair may require extra time, and therefore a higher price will be charged
formal styling 130
occasionally, it may be beneficial to receive a professional blow dry or roller set prior to having an up-style. for this reason, a consultation is strongly recommended for special occasions and a trial run is required for brides for whom we recommend the option of a bridal package
more time for perfection! 30+
extra time may be needed depending on the condition or amount of hair, and therefore the amount of time necessary to complete desired look. additionally, you may choose to ask for more time if you would like a extra care and attention brought to your service, or even an another team member’s opinion or cross-check. we’re totally cool with that; it’s the best way to grow!