Our mission is to provide expert service along with specialized knowledge and resources to the community by way of educating ourselves and our guests so that we may all achieve greater personal wellness and self-value. 

Our passion for empowering people to find confidence and happiness in their own skin is founded in our belief that the pursuit of finding your true self – your light – is the key to a meaningful life. When we live our calling, we inspire others to create positive change as well.


Lucette (loo SET) is a common French girls’ name traditionally meaning “enlightened one” or “graceful light.” For us, it is a modern-day moniker for someone with great style who is beautiful inside and out.  It also represents our dedication to continue education for ourselves and our guests in current techniques, fashion trends, and holistic well-being.


We take pride in our chosen work, always placing value on artistic quality and the healing power of touch. Whether sitting in a salon chair, or relaxing in a facial room, our guests are always thoughtfully cared for and never rushed.

We are committed to providing expert knowledge to our guests while fostering in them an empowering sense of confidence and well-being.

With a strong devotion to the arts and neighborhood prosperity, we strive to help everyone experience contentment, peace, and beauty.


Taking pride in appearance inspires confidence and healthy living, and it is that which makes one truly beautiful

Humor, compassion, and a positive outlook are integral to a happy, fulfilled life

Understanding the science behind beauty and touch allows us to hone our creative potential and deliver exceptional results specific to each guest’s individual needs

Creating and experiencing art for art’s sake is enlightening and important, and it can also be translated into something wearable to which any person can relate

Community involvement rallies hope and unites us in common goals for better living

Growth occurs when we are challenged; getting uncomfortable can be unpleasant, but leads to greater knowledge and reward