We ask for valid credit card number to hold any reservation out of courtesy to other guests and our stylists whose time is valuable.  Should you need to move or cancel your appointment, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged in full.  Arriving late may shorten your experience or require us to reschedule your appointment.

Spa package treatments must be scheduled and redeemed together.  Please call to reserve spa appointments in advance.  A valid credit card is required upon scheduling of any day packages, parties, or special occasion appointments. Payment in full is required in the event of any cancellations occuring within fewer than 48 hours of any scheduled services booked as part of a package or party. Also see our bridal policies.

For the relaxation of our guests and the safety of your children, please find care for them before your appointment.  You need a break too!

We are driven by art, fashion, culture, sub-culture.  These drew us to our calling; shaped us into who we are as creative, thoughtful professionals.  You visit us to see yourself in a new way.  This is more easily accomplished when the mind is open, receptive and relaxed.  Please be aware that we value art in any form.  It plays such a role in the evolution of social thought, among many other benefits.  For this reason, we limit censorship in the salon.  We would never want anyone to experience anguish, hate, or take serious offense while visiting us, but it is our goal to perhaps expand your view of the world and yourself.  We generally receive compliments about our music selection, however, it is very broad* and may not always be immediately appreciated by everyone.  You may not like all of the music or art you experience with us, but you’ll probably like a lot of it.  Think of your time with us like a safe adventure.  Should you discover something you don’t like, it is our hope that it gives you a new idea or perspective to explore and understand.

*We play everything from indie-folk to jazz to hip-hop; pop to bluegrass.  Some songs contain curse words.