All services are booked for a set amount of time in order to keep prices as low as possible. In the event that your desired look requires extra time, a service charge will apply.

Hair Design

Hair services always come complete with your choice of complimentary rituals, such as scalp or hand massage, aroma journey, and more. You may also choose to enhance your service with paid upgrades as well. Learn more about hair services here

classic short length cut 50
efficient clipper or scissor cut on sides and top with relaxing shampoo post-haircut, warmed towel service and professional blow dry
creative precision cut 75
most styles will fall into this category, including medium and long lengths or short creative looks. enjoy a relaxing shampoo, warmed towel service and professional blow dry
child’s cut 40
ages 10 and under
may include brief shampoo –time permitting, and rough blow dry
arrojo american wave
experience natural looking waves and curls for up to a year with this new service boasting only a quarter of the damage generally attributed to traditional perms. includes $100 in home-care products as well as a complete haircut and blowdry to ensure your waves look their best 350
single process color retouch 90
maintenance color applied to new growth within 2-6 weeks from previous color service. includes relaxing shampoo with warmed towel service and professional blow dry
custom full or partial highlights, color change or correction 120 per hour
includes any necessary glosses or treatments, relaxing shampoo, warmed towel service and professional blow dry. consultation prior to service is required to ensure adequate time and provide options for your budget. call for details please
accent foils 50 – 95
specific color placement using fewer than 10 foils. may be added to any cut, single process color or blow dry service. as a stand-alone service, it includes a relaxing shampoo with warmed towel service and a rough blow dry to ensure satisfaction with the color
color glossing 40 – 80
almost always necessary to complete a highlight service. adds lustrous shine and/or tone to hair without the use of ammonia. may be added to any cut, color or blow dry service. as a stand-alone service, it includes a relaxing shampoo with warmed towel service and a rough blow dry
deep condition 25
this revolutionary new treatment instantly penetrates hair on a molecular level without heat to deliver amazing strength, moisture and manageability. may be added to any cut, color or blow dry service. as a stand-alone service, it includes a relaxing scalp massage with warmed towel service
blow dry / style 65
includes relaxing scalp shampoo and warmed towel service
formal styling 110
occasionally, it may be beneficial to receive a professional blow dry or roller set prior to having an up-style. for this reason, a consultation is strongly recommended for special occasions and a trial run is required for brides for whom we recommend the option of a bridal package
more time for perfection! 25+
extra time may be needed depending on the condition or amount of hair, and therefore the amount of time necessary to complete desired look. additionally, you may choose to ask for more time if you would like a extra care and attention brought to your service, or even an another team member’s opinion or cross-check. we’re totally cool with that; it’s the best way to grow!


Learn more about makeup services here

application 70
take some pressure off of yourself, and let an artist design a custom look perfectly suited for any occasion
lesson 80
spend an hour with one of our experts learning how to best enhance your features for basic, everyday looks. this service is great for teens or any person who may feel overwhelmed when it comes to cosmetics
add lashes 25 – 40
we offer a variety of lash options and will gladly help you choose what’s right for you
brow tint 15
this vegetable-based dye comes in many shades to compliment your features and saves time otherwise spent filling in eyebrows
lash tint 25
great for beach vacations, this gentle vegetable-based dye leaves your eyelashes inky black without the need for mascara. this service is completely safe and trusted; however, it can be mildly irritating for those with sensitive eyes. call for details

Nail Pricing – Hands

Learn more about nail services here

classic manicure 40
nail shaping, cuticle maintenance, hand massage, and polish change
luxe manicure 50
classic manicure enhanced with Aveda’s highly moisturizing Beautifying scrub, complete with warm mitts or steamed towel to drive more moisture in
mini mani 25
polish removal, light shaping, and re-polish with traditional nail lacquer *not recommended for no-chip upgrade as any cuticle on the nail compromises durability of the polish
no-chip polish removal, classic manicure, and no-chip re-application 60
no-chip polish removal with mini-mani 30

Nail Pricing – Feet

classic pedicure 60
gentle callus removal with foot file, salt scrub, steamed towels and foot/lower leg massage
luxe pedicure 80
best shared with a friend, this enhanced pedicure begins when you select your choice of Aveda’s premium body care lines, Beautifying or Stress Fix. then, set an intention for your day chosen from a beautiful hand-drawn deck of cards. experience a moment of mindfulness and aromatherapy as your foot bath is garnished with flower petals. drown out the world with our noise-cancelling headphones and the most current issue of Bella Grace as you enjoy purposely selected ayurvedic chocolate. the Clarisonic Pedi Smoothing System encourages deeper exfoliation, and a deeply moisturizing foot massage and heel glaze complete your experience. return home with a sprig of lavender and your handwritten intention as a reminder for self-care over the next few days. recommended once per month
pronto pedi 50
for last minute emergency events or between regular pedicures, this quick soak, scrub, and polish is not guaranteed to last like a full treatment, but it gets the job done

Nail Pricing – Additional Upgrades

upgrade to no-chip polish +15
upgrade to Vinylux weekly polish – dries in minutes; comes off with traditional polish remover! +5
artistic or french design (per nail) +2-4
mend a break or tear (per nail) +5

Skin + Spirit

Learn more about skin + spirit services here

plant peel mini facial / upgrade 30-35
the instant results of a 30% glycolic peel– naturally, gently and FAST. Our 2-step Perfecting Plant Peel delivers the same instant exfoliation and radiance without the redness and irritation of a chemical peel. this service is for anyone who wants brighter, clearer skin on a time-crunch. Performed at the shampoo bowl, it is a good introduction for facial newbies, and you can fit it in on your lunch break! provides excellent results for anyone from the acne-prone to those concerned about wrinkles. The plant peel can also be incorporated as an upgrade to any facial listed below. Ask your esthetician if it’s right for you.
pure focus facial (30 minutes) 70
includes gentle facial cleansing, one masque, scalp massage and choice of hand or foot massage
essential facial (60 minutes) 105
includes a warm foot soak, gentle facial cleansing, two masques, and choice of hand or foot massage. also includes massaging of the neck, shoulders, face and scalp
ultimate facial (90 minutes) 150
includes a warm foot soak with scrub, gentle facial cleansing, three masques, hand and foot massage as well as massaging of the neck, shoulders, face and scalp
dual exfoliation facial (75-90 minutes) 165-190
Aveda’s breakthrough Dual Exfoliation Facial is a plant-powered alternative to microdermabrasion and glycolic chemical peels. in a clinical study, the Dual Exfoliation Facial achieved better results than a combined microdermabrasion/30% glycolic peel in both immediate and prolonged smoothness and radiance. it’s also far more relaxing. includes a warm foot soak with scrub, hand and foot massage as well as massaging of the neck, shoulders, face and scalp. recommended in a weekly series of four for best results. for those who want results NOW *plant peel upgrade is included in this facial
signature chakra balancing facial (100 minutes) 200
experience what “holistic” means to us at Lucette with this intuitively-led facial. your 90 minute session begins with a traditional ayurvedic foot bath, and a skin and wellness consultation to determine what may be holding you back in achieving true radiance. our certified practioners will then select from a number of modalities including reiki, custom blended Aveda aromas, guided imagery or affirmation, crystals, sound immersion, and some of our favorite massage techniques to help you find balance and heal on that particular day – all while catering to your skin’s specific needs as well. go home with your treatment’s included custom aroma to stay grounded in coming days. for those looking to reconnect with themselves and find deepest relaxation
back treatment (45 minutes) 90
includes a warm foot soak, gentle back cleansing, two masques, choice of hand or foot massage, and an upper back and scalp massage
express chakra scan (15 minutes) 30
find more clarity in your head or heart with a glancing yet thoughtful reiki scan of your major chakras
reiki neat (45 minutes) 75
skip the facial, and just relax on a heated (or not) table while our certified practitioner consults intuition and energy to bring balance back to your being.

“Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.”

this service is great for anyone dealing with anxiety or is uncomfortable with physical touch. it mainly consists of hovering over the body, sometimes placing hands on one area at a time without pressure or movement. there is no need to undress at all for this service, and lights can be on or off. please feel free to call us if you have more questions.

mind retreat (10-15 minutes) 20
allow one of our therapists to help you select a guided meditation curated specifically to what may be causing you stress. This service is designed to aid you in allowing yourself to relax completely. It is an excellent precursor to any of our services, and is also wonderful on its own.

Facial Waxing

Learn more about waxing services here

defined brow shaping or maintenance 25
undefined brow cleanup 20
lip or chin 15
lip and chin 25
eyebrow and lip 33
brow, lip & chin 38
sides of face 20
full face 50
ears or nose 15
ears and nose or undefined brow 25
ears, nose & undefined brow 35

Body Waxing

underarms 25
abdomen 35
this covers from the sternum to top of underwear line. *the lower abdomen (below the navel) is included with any bikini wax
back or chest 50
arms 50
fingers or toes 15
*included with any arm or leg wax
half legs 60
choice of: toes to just above the knee OR just below the knee to top of the thighs, stopping approximately two inches from the bikini line, plus toes
full legs 90
toes to top of the thighs, stopping approximately two inches from the bikini line
full legs with bikini or brazilian 115 – 150
toes to the top of the thighs, plus your choice of bikini wax listed below
bikini 40
this traditional choice follows the front perimeter of the bathing suit
french bikini 55
this option removes hair one-two inches in from the perimeter of the bathing suit. backside optional
brazilian bikini 75
everything is removed; front to back. a small strip of hair may be left in the front, if desired
maintenance brazilian 60
when rescheduled within four weeks, a brazilian service becomes less complicated and easier for both the technician and client
custom shaping or swarovski crystals 25
enhance your newly found skin with a special design. crystals adhere with the warmth of your skin and generally last four to seven days.